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or scarlet fever? the answer is nothing. because innovation, technology, new cures -- >> but -- >> we really -- >> the country -- >> but my point is that this innovative spirit? what is the best way to -- henry ford said if i listened to my customers i would have made a faster horse. >> americans like innovation and are jealous of their privacy. the day that we start seeing drones flying all around are the day that people are shooting down the drones. there is a town in colorado where they are giving people drone hunting licenses. this is what is fascinating about this. the march of technology intruding on privacy is coming. but the push back is coming. the push back from americans who are jealous about -- thank goodness about -- >> the criminality will come -- >> >> you can buy a drone for $1,000 now. i did a story on go pro for "60 minutes" a lot of people are attaching go pros to drones and you can get amazing footage. >> there are amazing civilian -- >> but the idea this is going to be -- how does this work? a gps coordinate? >> that's what i'm saying, the criminality that could connect
about positive train control technology. in other words, a whole mechanical thing involving gps and other things they should have in a lot of these things. apparently a lot of resistance because of cost. surely this is another moment where are going have to reconsider that. >> ntsb has made that point very heavily today they've been calling for this 20 years. >> michael, just before we go on break very quickly for folks out there who do have problems sleep whog have to adjust for schedules what's your quick advice? >> one of the things they could have done was they should really provide light therapy for these engineers in the early morning hours. since there's no night, we know that sunlight almost recently sets somebody's biological clock. they're available, light boxes. >> the work? >> absolutely. there's proven clinical data to show the work. i've used them in my patients and they work like a charm. i have plenty of patients phase delayed or phase advanced. their body clocks are out of sync and we can get them back in sync. >> you say stick to a kid yulsc. even on night shif
biggest fierce. for technology today and to have her voice and all the pictures and the videos and the things that we have even from when she was younger, i'm just so grateful for that. >> is it too painful to watch them now? or do you like watching them? >> i watch them. we kind of have a rule. she doesn't want me to watch them at night before bed. because yeah, it's hard. but i just feel like i know she would want us to watch them and enjoy them. she would always say to me, mom, you have to be strong. you have other kids. and i just keep hearing what she said to me. and really she's just propelling us forward with this whole live weiss fund. >> even when she got the diagnosis. she remained incredibly strong in the fate face of this. >> she really did. she rarely had times of being down. >> she rarely complained. like i can't even remember her complaining at all, not to me at least. and she was always so positive. she wouldn't want us to cry. when we would get upset she would be like, don't be sad. she wanted us all to be happy and enjoy our time together. >> you mentioned the
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3